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Own solutions for more efficient performance of business processes

Improve your business processes flow using the ready made or customized applications based on Lotus technology.

Sales management

Be the conductor of your sales orchestra

Building the right relationship with your clients is the basis of business. In the range of activities of the whole company - you need to distribute the information in the right order to deliver right products, to the right customers, at the right time.

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Fleet management

Just when you need it

Vehicle pool is a part of the property with specific characteristics such as - vehicle purpose, the type of vehicle, the manufacturer, model, warranty conditions, compulsory technical inspections, associate services, maintenance costs and leasing, etc. The selected persons or departments manage a vehicle pool, to keep it ready for use and analyze the utilization and planned purchasing needs.

Be in advantage using this solution. Questions like what are your annual insurance costs for vehicles will no longer cause a headache, because the answer will be in front of you when you need it. Sit and enjoy, and users or customers are free to ask ...

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IT resources management

Without them is not possible

"All your key workforces have effective working tools, desktop and mobile PC’s, handhelds, projectors, mobile phones, printers, scanners, fax devices, servers, ... It is hard to imagine what different information you need to take care of? Procurement contracts…. Purchases planned for next month ... Parts of a specific computer... Unused software licenses ... What software is installed on the finance director notebook ... Who and when should be advised of the expiry of the signed maintenance contracts... What are telephone numbers for notebook servicing... What is the annual write off value of the installed equipment... What hardware is used by the employee in the room 202... What is the monthly maintenance cost... What is the appropriate license key for production software... WHAT A MESS!"

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